Because it’s about time mom & pop shops get the same opportunity as big business

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A Boutique Agency

We offer a fresh approach for small- to medium-sized businesses.  Not just for the big guys!  A marketing agency can be affordable and accessible.

Business Consulting

The heart of our company is really getting to know you and the inner workings of your business.  We start nearly all relationships with consulting.

Problem Solvers

You’ve probably tried marketing in the past and may be skeptical as to how it will work for you.  What’s usually broken was not the marketing placement itself – but some piece of the system.  Let the experts figure that out!

Outside-the-Box Thinking

Your business is unique and we treat it as such.  We don’t just take the approach of many firms and put you inside of a pre-made marketing “box”.  We’re constantly looking for fresh ideas to support you and your business.

How We Help


We offer done-for-you custom marketing systems – like the ones previously reserved for those with deep pockets!  Our business was born out of a strong side-eye for other marketers.  The industry is full of people trying to sell you their products.  We aren’t marketing sales reps.  We’re partners in your business. We only succeed when you succeed.

Which services do our clients use most often?

  • Lead Strategy Consulting 84%
  • Internet Marketing 60%
  • Website Development 32%
  • Business Consulting 96%

Hi.  I’m Heather Prestanski, founder of Homefront Marketing.  When I created this company I did so out of disdain for the typical agency (and it’s since grown from massive love).  After working for years in marketing – first as a sales manager for Canada’s largest digital marketing company and later as a Chief Marketing Officer for a multi-national clothing chain – I learned that most marketing firms cater to dollars and cents.  The truly personalized and custom services were reserved for the “big dogs” with deep pockets.  And most firms disguised their advice under a deep rouse to sell you their services – often steering clients away from what would serve them best.

As the daughter of two small business owners in a quiet farm town (and as an entrepreneur myself) I understand that the backbone of our economy lies not in the corporate giants but in the small- and medium-sized businesses like yours.  You don’t have access to hundreds of thousands of dollars for marketing but you do deserve the benefits of marketing – like steady revenue flow and a growing bottom line.  I invite you to explore what we can do for you by allowing us to take a look at your current lead strategy.  We will walk through the opportunities that fit your marketing budget and provide complementary advice that can only help you grow your business from where you are today.  You have nothing to lose!

The DIY Marketing System

We create the system – you implement it and run the optimizations.  This option is perfect for those who want to do their own marketing (or who have an in-house team) but aren’t sure where to start.

The Done-For-You System

You fill us in on your business specifics and marketing budget – we’ll take care of the rest.  Consider us your “partners in crime”.  With our done-for-you packakges you aren’t just getting the marketing system – you’re getting the team of experts who will work hard to push those campaigns forward.

Supporting Players

We want to ensure your new marketing plan will be a success and sometimes that requires a system upgrade.  Whether it be a new website or migrating to a higher capability autoresponder system, we can help you set your business up to win.

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