You went into business for a reason …To make an impact on this world.

You’re incredibly driven and have achieved great things despite having the ever nagging feeling that this isn’t quite what you pictured.

Maybe you’ve been working for months or years and your business just isn’t where you feel it “should be”.  Or maybe your life has been consumed by your business and you’re craving all the success with more work-life balance and flow.


As someone who has created four successful businesses and has worked with more than 200 entrepreneurs Heather Prestanski is an expert in what it takes to build a sustainable and profitable model.  Through her experience she has created the 5X5 Business Coaching Model that ensures you come out of your coaching program more confident and more profitable.


  1. We will work together to gain clarity on your business and lifestyle goals.  One of the biggest challenges our clients face before working with us is that they are incredibly creative and multi-passionate.  While this is a fantastic talent to have, it does you no favours when it comes to your business and crafting your ultimate life.  We will work to gain clarity on which aspects of business are the most profitable and enjoyable and figure out how to satisfy the desire for other interests in a way that doesn’t sabotage your business.
  2. Environment becomes very important as well in ensuring that all the pieces fit together.  We work towards creating a culture in your business that is uniquely YOU – even if you are a one-person show.  This will help you enjoy coming to work each and every day keeping things exciting and allow you to avoid expensive turnover in the future of your business.
  3. Strategy is a big part of what we do together.  We will do periodic reflection periods which allow us to drive your business from your strengths while identifying weaknesses and potential threats before they become an issue.  These periods of reflection are incredibly important to our growth.  Most business will set out a plan at the beginning of the year and then take the remaining 12 months day-by-day (which performance experts agree is a recipe for failure).  Stepping outside of your business and having a knowledgeable coach to help you do so is crucial to attaining rapid growth.
  4. As we move along in working together we may identify gaps in skillset as your business grows.  We will work through activities that will help to bolster these new skills and also work to identify which are better left delegated to someone else allowing you to maximize your time profitability.
  5. The last thing we work on – but definitely not least – is mindset. About 80% of success lives inside the mindset and constraints that we place upon ourselves.  Sometimes we feel that constraints are bad – but research shows that they’re critical to maximizing creativity and productivity.  Anxiety, fear, and shiny object syndrome are the three most common areas that we will work on as they appear – however other pieces may come up as well.  We tend to rely on our toolkit of over 40 cognitive behavioural techniques and also business-performance based constraints when working through mindset with you. Ultimately the goal in this is more peace, more fulfillment, less anxiety, and better performance for your business (which means more money in your pocket).


  1. Products and Marketing – Do your products align perfectly and provide the client multiple opportunity to buy?  Do you have a strong system that produces consistent leads?  Can you convert those leads into paying clients?  This area is the foundation of your business and can often be quite confusing to many business owners.  Right now you may be in a cycle of reactivity – consistently stressing at the end of the month to find the money to pay the bills.  Or you may have large ebbs and flows in your business leading to cash flow issues.  We will work together to build a sustainable leads and sales system that flows and a referral and retention system that maximizes profits and average customer value.
  2. Distribution – In the earlier growth stages of your business we will work towards streamlining your distribution structure.  As your business grows it will become increasingly more important to increase the number of ways you distribute your products and services to your clients.  We will work together to find that balance and consider the perfect timing to expand your reach without overwhelming your current business systems.
  3. Operations – Your systems and operations become crucial as your business begins to scale up.  Here we focus in on your systems, processes and automations that improves customer service, internal communication, and decreases human work load.
  4. Finances – We will explore your financial systems including cash flow, budgeting and forecasting.  Consistently working towards improving bottom line and profit margins is critical to building your business in a sustainable way.
  5. Leadership and People – It takes an army to build the business of your dreams!  If your team right now is just you, we will begin by focusing on your efficiency and productivity to maximize the daily value of your day.  When it’s time to add people to your team this is where we focus on culture, communications and leadership.  Ultimately the goal is a well-oiled machine where each and every member of your team is as important and valuable to your business and bottom line as the next.


When we look in terms of ROI the results of our coaching program will continue to provide value and make you more money for the remainder of your life.  During a 6-12 month period clients have achieved things like an 1800% increase in profits, going from next to no monthly revenue to 5-digit or even 6-digit recurring monthly profits, implementing additional passive revenue sources, and some find themselves doing more business in a month then they did all of the previous year.

Now we can provide you all of the tools, strategy, accountability, and clarity you need but ultimately the implementation is up to you.  If you come into each session hiding nothing and being 100% transparent, honest, and raw and you leave each session committed to taking action on what we discussed you will see results.  Sometimes clients come back the next week having not touched that week’s assignment and so unsurprisingly they won’t see the results.  Ultimately you are accountable to yourself for achieving the ROI.  You are the only one who can make it happen – we can’t do it for you but we can and will do everything in our power to give you the tools, strategy, mindset, and clarity you need ensuring the only thing you need to do is to follow through with the action.

People often ask how long it will take to reach their income goals and raise their profits.  This is dependent on what you currently have in place to begin with.  Our work on your business is much like a major renovation – sometimes when we tear down the walls we discover more problems than we originally expected.  Other times we find there’s a clean slate on which to begin work.  These problems could be within the business itself or in the daily routine or mindset of yourself as the business owner.  But don’t fret!  No matter what lies beneath we CAN take your business from what it is today to the one you envisioned when you set out to start.

Your ROI will show up in many different ways – of course through money and profitability as we work on your business are two of those ways.  But also important is the ROI on the skills you acquire, the tools you implement, the environment and lifestyle you create, and the mindset you achieve which will stay with you over a lifetime.


This coaching system is not for everyone.  It requires deep courage and a commitment to change.

There is a minimum monthly investment of just $1500. This is not an overnight process!  Building an incredible business takes time and it takes work so expect a minimum commitment of 4-6 months.  The amount of time it takes to reach your goals and get your business to a place of independence depends on its current state and your goals, dreams, desires, and affinity for action.

This investment is meant to be a stretch.  It’s a reflection of the experience backing the system and of the ROI that you can expect from this coaching program but, more importantly, it’s crafted to be a stretch to create urgency, drive and accountability to yourself.

This opportunity will cost you more than money.  You must be willing to invest your time, your energy and your commitment to the creation of something so powerful that it will leave a lasting impact on your business and your life.


If you’re ready to play full out we begin with a complimentary powerful conversation to determine which path, if any, is a right fit for you.

This conversation will give you an opportunity to experience coaching and for us to determine whether or not you’re a good fit to continue.  If you wish to learn more about how we can further work together we can discuss this on our call together.  It not, that’s ok too!  This is a no pressure, no obligation call that allows us to connect with you on a deeper level and touch your life.

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